About Us

Beijing Royal Prime Education and Technology Corporation is a full-time education company that adheres to the full-time education concept at its core. It relies on internationally licensed foreign teachers and uses online platforms to provide synchronous learning with a small class size.


Being aware of the growth in online education, Royal Prime with its unique advantage in the industry seized the business opportunity. We are committed to full-time education development and the integration of international education resources in the local market.

International Educational Leaders

Royal Prime has gathered two top educators with expertise in three internationally recognized secondary school systems. We also have world-famous high school faculty who supervise and maintain the integrity of the curricula, and is aided by outstanding teachers and academic leaders.

With the support of these exceptional educational leaders, we develop exclusive online course content. We also provide outstanding management and direction to help implement the full-time teaching methods that focus on the holistic development of students.

Jeffrey Beard

Chairman of NOIC Academy Advisory Board

Chief Advisor of NOIC Online Education

Former Director General of IBO (2006-2014)

Led the comprehensive reform and development of IB Organization

Promoted the CP Career project and IB online project

Holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree

Former Professor of Business, University of Wales, UK

Former Chair of the West Des Moines School Board, Iowa, USA

Ann Puntis

Management Advisor of NOIC Academy Advisory Board

Former CEO of Cambridge Assessment International Education (formerly known as Cambridge International Examination) (2005-2013)

Trustee of the Cambridge Trust (providing financial support for students pursuing degree courses at Cambridge)

Director of the Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications (PDQ) Center of Beijing Royal Prime

Timothy Yawney

Member of NOIC Advisory Board

Principal, NOIC Academy

Former Assistant Superintendent of Education at a public-school board in Ontario, Canada

He has 28 years' experience in educational leadership as a Department Head, Vice Principal and Principal.

Committed to educational leadership, he has completed the Executive Leadership Program at University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management and holds a Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership.

Andy Krawczyk

Member of NOIC Advisory Board

Chief Supervisor of NOIC Online Education

Former Principal of Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School

Has worked in the public education system for 36 years and was a principal for 15 years

Former Board Member of IB Organization and member, former Head Council of IB Organization

IB Leadership Workshop Trainer, Officer of the verification team of IB World School

Ezio Crescenzi

Member of NOIC Advisory Board

Former CEO of York School

Has almost 30 years' experience as principal in Canadian public and private schools and he was also awarded the Catholic Principal of the Year award by the Catholic Principals Council of Ontario

Tony Little

Member of NOIC Advisory Board

Former Head Master of Eton College (2002-2015)

Former Chief Academic Officer of a well-known education institution, providing educational service for 250,000 students from 173 countries

Worked as a boarding housemaster and has been principal of three schools

Worked at Chigwell School, Oakham School and Eton College

Our Services/ Products

Royal Prime has integrated top educators around the world, launched an overseas curriculum and teacher research and development center, and developed the world’s leading education products. Under our operation and inspection system, we guarantee that students receive the best service and achieve satisfactory academic results.

Ontario Secondary School Diploma
(OSSD) credit courses

  • Non-Exam-oriented Curriculum
  • Global Recognition
  • Flexible Credit System
    Personalized Course Selection
  • Apply to Ontario universities as
    local students

Royal Prime Memorabilia

  • December 2020

    Royal Prime OMO full-time education concept was favored by investors, following which it officially concluded the Pre-A round of strategic financing

  • September 2019

    The OSSD credit live courses were officially launched

  • 2019

    Royal Prime hosted the Education Development Forum that aims at globalization and localization.

  • March 2018

    The online international courses were officially launched.

  • 2017

    The trial operation of the small online live classes which followed the mainstream international curriculum system began

  • 2016

    Royal Prime developed the layout of online international education and began preparing and developing full-time online courses.

Cooperation Partners

  • 剑桥大学国际考评部

    Cambridge University Press & Assessment
  • 即墨区外语交流协会